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“...First folk-bootanico-encyclopedic band on the planet!! Finally, grow plants, have children and make them listen to The BarrowBand.” Blog Audiolesi


















20th Sept Edinburgh Botanics Harvest Festival Between 1.00/5.00
26th Sept Belgrave Food Festival, Leicester (Banghra special)
3rd October Glasgow Allotments Forum Annual Event. 11-4pm at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre
25th October Appleday, Cambridge Botanics
21st November  Oban

If you'd like to book us send us an email or give us a call +4401236842522 !

The BarrowBand on Islay 2014 NHS

The BarrowBand partnered with the NHS in a pilot project to bring healthy eating to Argyle. The NHS hope to roll this out across Scotland in the near future.

Kew Gardens - Edible Gardens

This festival showcased the sheer number of edible plants growing in Kew Gardens. Visitors were inspired to broaden their relationship with what they eat by taking part in or observing the banquet of offerings that make up this fantastic festival.

Just So Festival

The Just So Festival is an annual weekend camping festival for children and their families. The festival provides a magical experience where art, music and literature are embedded and entwined in a beautiful and wonderous landscape.

Kirkcaldy - NHS

As part of the NHS tour, the BarrowBand performed in Kirkcaldy, surrounded by an enthusiastic young public.

The Muckle Fruit Festival

A family friendly event in Edinburgh, organised by the Muckle Fiesta Company - a celebration of all things fruit and veg!

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens - Edible Garden Festival

See and taste produce from the Edible Gardening Project at the Harvest Festival. Fun activities, gardening advice, information about harvesting, cooking and storing crops, tasters and more.

The BarrowBand

The BarrowBand play songs that can be enjoyed by all ages, anywhere. Exceptional musicianship combined with the unique songwriting talent of ex-Incredible String Band member Malcolm Le Maistre creates a performance that is unsparingly musical, energetic, surprising, participatory and educational.

They sing, dance and juggle their way through a large selection of original songs using styles drawn from pop, folk, country, Indian, klezmer, thrash jazz, rock etc. - whilst manipulating a kinetic market Barrow covered with various fruit, vegetables and beasts. They also conduct interactive creative workshops.  

The BarrowBand is about celebrating nature and its products in a funny and entertaining way through music, art and performance. As well as bringing the magic of fruit, vegetables, animals and minerals to the world, we will also influence people's health in a positive way.



Vocals, Mini guitar, Banjo


Accordion, Vocals


Ukulele, Percussions, Vocals


Sitar, Percussions, Fiddle, Banjo, Vocals, Cello


Double Bass, Vocals


Guitar, Mandola, Keyboards, Vocals

A brief history of the BarrowBand...

The BarrowBand came about after Malcolm saw a famous cook trying to get children to identify various fruit and veg without much success (leeks were kiwis apparently). He immediately started writing songs about them and not long after in partnership with an Edinburgh media company Rocket (now Blipfoto) created the BarrowBand - an educational multimedia project for teachers and health professionals about healthy eating and specifically fruit and veg based around songs.

In 2010, Colin and Malcolm did the first BB live gig in Durham. It quickly became apparent that the future of the BB was live and in early 2011 the band was formed. Since then we have performed throughout the land in venues as diverse as Kew Gardens (12 times) , Dunoon Harbour (in sub-zero temperatures), the JustSo festival, the Wakefield Rhubarb Festival, many schools, the annual conference of botanical experts in Dundee (an entire audience of adults going wild for the Onion song) and many others.

This year the band is embarking on a critical part of its journey to bring the magic of fruit, vegetables, animals and minerals to the world. Two new albums, many performances, fruit and veg dance films and much more!








“Vegetables and Fruit” is our first album and has been selling up and down the country and abroad. It has 14 tasty songs on and is guaranteed to have you singing all the way to the greengrocer.
Eating Broccoli will never be the same......

We are now recording Vegetables and Fruit II containing 14 new songs including live performance favourites Onions, Sweetcorn and Mangoes as well as Asparagus, Aubergines, BlueBerries, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Rasberries, Rhubarb, Sprouts, and the irresistible Cucumbers.

We are also putting together our first Animals album which will of course feature the already famous Wally Worm as well as many others.


“At last a band that plays childrens music that adults love as well.”

Parent at Knockongorrach Festival.






Broccoli, Broccoli, all the way from Italy,

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely Broccoli!



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